Micro machining

micro machining

Micro machining is a manufacturing process that uses specialized equipment and techniques to produce extremely small and precise parts and components.

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Swiss turning

swiss turning

Swiss turning is a precision machining process used in manufacturing small, complex parts with high accuracy and efficiency, often used in the medical and aerospace industries.

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Surface roughness

surface roughness

Surface roughness refers to the irregularities and deviations in the surface texture of a manufactured product, which can affect its performance and appearance.

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Holemaking is the process of creating holes in materials using various tools such as drills, reamers, and boring tools. It is a crucial step in manufacturing.

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Electroforming is a manufacturing process that uses electrolysis to deposit metal onto a mold or substrate, creating a precise and intricate metal part.

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Air Quenching

air quenching process

Air quenching is a cooling process used in manufacturing to rapidly cool materials by exposing them to ambient air, often used in heat treatment of metals.

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