Tool Life

tool life

Tool life refers to the duration of time that a cutting tool can be used effectively in a manufacturing process before it needs to be replaced or re-sharpened.

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Tool Wear

tool wear

Tool wear refers to the gradual deterioration of cutting tools during manufacturing processes, resulting in reduced efficiency and accuracy.

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Pocketing is a machining process used in manufacturing to create pockets or cavities in a workpiece, typically for the purpose of reducing weight or creating space for other components.

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Machinability refers to the ease with which a material can be cut, drilled, or shaped using various manufacturing processes such as milling, turning, or grinding.

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End Effector

end effector

An end effector is a tool or device attached to the end of a robotic arm or other automated system used in manufacturing to perform specific tasks.

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End Mill

An end mill is a cutting tool used in manufacturing to remove material from a workpiece. It has a cylindrical shape with cutting edges on the end.

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Cutting Tool

cutting tool

A cutting tool is a tool used in manufacturing to remove material from a workpiece through cutting, drilling, milling, or other machining processes.

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Chip Breaker

chip breaker

A chip breaker is a cutting tool insert used in manufacturing to break up chips and prevent them from clogging the cutting edge, improving efficiency and tool life.

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Chamfering Tool

chamfering tools

A chamfering tool is a cutting tool used to create a beveled edge or angled surface on a workpiece, typically used in manufacturing to improve the appearance or functionality of a part.

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