CAD/CAM programming

CAD/CAM Programming

CAD/CAM programming is the use of computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing software to create and control the production of parts and products.

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Machining optimization

machining optimization

Machining optimization refers to the process of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of machining operations in manufacturing, through the use of advanced technologies and techniques.

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Quality control

quality control

Quality control is the process of ensuring that products meet the desired level of quality through inspection, testing, and corrective actions. #manufacturing

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Automatic bar feeder

Automatic Bar Feeder

An automatic bar feeder is a device used in manufacturing to feed raw materials, such as metal bars, into a machine for automated processing. #manufacturing

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RPM stands for revolutions per minute and is a measure of the rotational speed of a machine or tool used in manufacturing processes.

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Rapid Traverse

rapid traverse

Rapid traverse refers to the high-speed movement of a machine tool or robotic arm between two points in a manufacturing process, typically used for non-cutting movements.

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A lathe is a machine tool used in manufacturing to shape and cut materials such as wood, metal, or plastic by rotating the workpiece against a cutting tool.

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M-Code is a programming language used in manufacturing to control machine tools and automate processes, allowing for precise and efficient production.

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